Gangway's Bullies

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Located in Northeast Ohio

Established 2007

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             Owning bully breeds since 1995 
Bred for Conformation, Consistency, Companionship, Health, Agility & Temperament


English Bulldog  

A.B.K.C Champion 

M. L. Brutus of Gangway

ABKC Tri-State Bully Hall of Fame Takeover Show Results 

March 28, 2015 - Canton, Ohio

Best in Show (2), Best of Breed (3), Best Male (2), Best 1-2 Year (2)

Note: This was Brutus' first show at 23.5 months.   





                             Dawg Pound Bullyz Temo






"The Gang"

Monster Bogard (aka Bo) is a monster stud dog in the making. He is a big boy with a massive head! Bo has bone, mass and height.  He is a double bred great grandson of Primo and a great-great grandson of the famous Hermes Dio. He is powerful dog with major drive, a good disposition and strong bully features. Bo is oftentimes mistaken for being a Bordeaux because of his height and color. He will be available for stud service beginning in the Fall of 2009.  
Sire:    Nicholson's Reckon
Dam:   Brown's Bonnie
Born:  November 2007 
Color: Red Brindle
Height: 20" @ shoulders
Weight: 108 pounds 
Bo is owned by Brian Turner of Akron, Ohio


Sheba was the pick of her litter. She is a Dio great granddaughter with strong bully features.  She has the Hermes pedigree lines, muscularity along with current standard height. She is very athletic with a good disposition. Her pastime is being the alpha dog and keeping order on the yard.    

Sire: Mason's Stunner  
Dam: Mason's Lulu
Born: March 2007
Color: Brindle & White 
Height: 17" @ shoulders
Weight: 74 pounds                                               Sheba is owned by Brian Turner of Akron, Ohio



Trudee Brown is Sheba's littermate.  Although she is not as tall as her sister she is a very good looking dog in her own right. She also has excellent balance and symmetry. Like her litter mate, she is strong, confident and athletic with a great disposition and temperament.

Sire: Mason's Stunner   

Dam: Mason's Lulu
Born: March 2007 
Color: Fawn
Height: 16"@ shoulders
Weight: 63 pounds
Trudee is owned by Brian Turner of Akron, Ohio
Bennett's Hammer was the overall pick of his litter. He is the son of Davis Momo and Davis Kia. He is also double bred off of Mason's Primo. This impressive dog has substance, size, bone, confidence, drive and sporting a 27" head. He is a welcomed addition to the Gangway Family.


Dam: Davis Kia
Sire:   Davis Momo
Born: August 2007
Color: White & Tan
Height: 18.5" @ shoulders
Weight: 117 pounds
Hammer is owned by Jeff Bennett of Cleveland, Ohio


Romo is probably one of the most athletic OEB you will ever see. This dog looks like a bodybuilder and he is definitely a body guard. This dog likes to work and has no back down in him. Our bigger dogs don't even mess with him. If you need some intensity on your yard he is available for stud to very select females.                             


Dam: Raven Stinard 
Sire:  Mason's #1 Stunner
Born: August 2006
Color: Tan & White 
Height: 18.5" @ shoulders
Weight: 100 pounds
Co-owned by Brian Turner & Jonathan Cheatam of Akron , Ohio
Lassiter's Chucky                               
Owned by Brian Turner & Gabe Brown